Iphone X: The innovation or a step backward of a smartphone masterpiece with the greatest audio quality.

After 10 years of huge success in selling roughly the same luxury good to the world, last year Apple decided to radically reinvent its iPhone with a totally new design, a never-before-seen Face ID system, and a four-figure price tag. It seems that the iPhone X is the biggest risk which Apple has never taken but Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, is very confident and proud of. He said that the iPhone X would "set the path for technology for the next decade.

And it is not just a kidding in fact. Many people claim that iPhone X is the most influential single product in consumer electronics history with a giant leap forward in innovation. This includes the new “W1 Wireless chip” headphone.

1. Better Headphones?

Since the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Apple hasn’t used the headphone jack anymore. This leads to a lot of concers for users but wireless headphones have been steadily improving over the years. Hence the iPhone X is making the perfect excuse to ditch those 3.5mm cables and switch to Bluetooth if you don't fancy picking up a dedicated pair of Lightning headphones.

The wireless headphones coming with iPhone X have  all shapes and sizes, from chunky on- and over-ear pairs to dinky little in-ears like Apple's own AirPods.

Beyond the traditional Apple Earpod with lighting connector, Apple has intriduced their own wireless versions of its EarPods, branded as AirPods which using the W1 Wilreless chip. The AirPods can be used wirelessly if they are charged, or they can connect to the charging port on your phone with the lightning connector.

Normally the phone will come with AirPods and a lightning connector, so you won't be totally out of luck when it comes to jamming out to your five tunes on the go.

2. Audio quality with new AirPods.

It is widen known that iPhone was among the best audio devices in the market but many users wonder if it can still keep that. The iPhone X shares a lot of its internals with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but the bits and pieces related to audio output are seemingly different. Clarity with an active external amplifier is excellent and there is basically unnoticeable degradation when headphones come into play. And this time around loudness is excellent too - easily among the loudest flagship out there, if not quite on top of the pile.

When to use Airpods, the sound really good as long as they're in properly. This is only Bluetooth headphones that haven't 'dropped out' over a wireless connection. In addition, there appears zero noise cancellation. It is clear that you can almost always hear environmental noise which is really annoying, especially when you are listening to your favorite music.